3 Tips for Your Best Content Writing and Getting Unstuck

Do you ever feel stuck when trying to write?

Whether it’s a blog post, lead page, email, or even your novel, creative writing takes a magical balance of inspiration and focus – especially for your best content quality. I write very often – not only my own content, but for my clients and partners too. It’s an excellent escape from the less creative tasks that I have to do in my work. However, it can sometimes take a little extra nudge or support to get me in the right mindset.

Here are a 3 tips I use to write my best content:


1. Listen to “Brain Music”

Have you ever heard of God’s note or Verdi’s A? These are different names for the same thing.

Quick science of music lesson for you… sound is created from vibrations.  Sound is the transfer of energy as it travels away from a vibrating source. When the vibration moves at 432 hertz per second, it creates the natural tone of the note A. This is said to be mathematically consistent with nature and the universe. The greatest composers based their music on the natural vibration of A=432, including Mozart, Verdi, and Beethoven.

Look up music that includes a tag with A432 or just 432HZ – this is especially easy on YouTube.

Listening to instrumental music that is played in the A-432 pitch helps me to focus and relax. It’s quite surprising how well it works for me, so I recommend trying it.

Here’s a sample of music that is tuned to A432


2. Plan Ahead

One of the reasons we can often feel stressed about writing is because it was put off until the last minute.

Some marketing folks will suggest backlogging content (writing several things in advance and scheduling it out over several weeks or months). I love doing that when I can. When I don’t have time to write that many things at once, I at least have a plan for the topics or ideas that I want to address. This simply requires me to schedule some time.

It makes a big difference for me when I actually add “brainstorm ideas” as a meeting on my calendar.  I create a recurring event once per month to think, research, and write some ideas down. I find it so much easier to approach writing something genuine from a rough outline of ideas, rather than racking my brain at the last minute.


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3. Always Be Learning

This applies to every business at every level.

If you want to be viewed as an authority or expert of any kind, then it’s important to always be learning about what is happening in your industry. Everything from product innovations to research breakthroughs provides you with new knowledge that can contribute to both you and your business.

Share with your community about the things you read and learn. Ask questions. Invite others to ask questions. We are all seeking knowledge and a higher understanding of the world, so if you can cultivate a spirit of inquiry then can only grow from there.


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It will be live in Austin, Texas and streamed online. You’re invited to be there in person or virtually.

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Do you have any tips on how you develop your best content or writing?
I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.


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