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Building Connections with Your Tribe Using Email

Do you think you are successfully building connections with your tribe? By tribe I mean your people, your audience, your customers, or your community. These are the people who know, like and trust you as a person and business owner. They are your tribe.  If you read any of my posts here or on social media platforms on a semi-regular…

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Email List Building Strategies: Part 3

This is the third part of the 3-part series about email list building strategies. Check out the first post about designing a powerful sign-up or opt-in form and the second post about 5 ways to get content clarity. The point of this series is to share some best practices. Rather than offering specific tools, I’ll let you decide how you’d like to implement these…

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Email List Building Strategies: Part 2

When you’re trying to grow your email list to launch a new product, grow your brand reach, or increase sales, that’s when marketers throw their many “quick fix” list building ideas at you. Something you should know about me and how I offer consulting is that I don’t support those magical “overnight success” expectations. It happens sometimes, but the reality is that…

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Email List Building Strategies: Part 1

You’re trying to grow your email list because you are launching a new product or trying to grow your brand reach or increase sales. List building is the process of getting people to subscribe to your email list. This is a core element of success for many online businesses. While searching for different strategies, you’ll come across a ton of ideas.…

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Lead Generation Tactics for Your Online Business

Several friends, colleagues, and clients are shifting their products and services into an online selling model. It’s such an exciting shift for them, and several have asked me about ways to grow their contact lists in an organic way. I have tried a number of lead generation tactics over the years, so I wanted to share some that, in my…

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