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Blogging Should Be A Resource for Your Business

What is the point of blogging for your business? It doesn’t directly bring in any revenue for the business, so why bother?   Did you know companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those who do not blog? (HubSpot) And who says you can’t acquire new customers from your blog? That person is wrong. If you would like…

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Let’s Celebrate Failure in 2017

Yes, you read it right. Let’s celebrate failure. I say this from my heart and with all of the best intentions that we, as humans, are terrified of failing. It is that fear which holds us back from growing and being successful.   I’m scared more often than I admit. Running your own business is hard, and it can be…

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Social Media as a Tool for Highly Regulated Industries

After Researching and Discussing Social Media’s Uses and limitations for Highly Regulated Industries, I’ve gathered these 5 key takeaways. The industries I’m referring to include health care, finance, and legal. There are other industries affected, but most can fit under one of these 3 umbrellas.   1. The best way to use social media in highly regulated industries is research –…

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Social Media Barriers for Legal Professionals

As if promoting your business in a digital world wasn’t complicated enough, legal professionals must also consider all of the regulations from their professional organizations before sharing anything on social media. The existing society rules and general professionalism rules already create extra work for many of us. Promoting a business on social media channels for attorneys, paralegals, and those related roles must…

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Smart Marketing Goals

Why Set Marketing Goals? Goal setting is the foundation of all your marketing strategy and the tactics you use to fulfill on it. If you want people to make purchases through your website, then shouldn’t you be tracking conversions? And if you are going posting to social media and writing blogs every week, wouldn’t you like to have a clear…

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Lead Generation Basics

Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Ideas While I love content marketing, storytelling and expressing business concepts through the written word and images, it’s all useless if you haven’t laid out a lead generation plan for your company. The phrase lead generation is loaded and scares many non-technical business owners. But really, there is nothing to fear. Here is a quick-start guide to…

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