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Take Back Your Day With Smart Delegation

Ironically, it took me a while to realize that delegation truly does have a great impact on our ability to grow our businesses. I was telling people to hire a virtual assistant and delegate while I didn’t initially realize how much I was still doing myself in my own business. I needed to practice what I was preaching!   The…

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3 Ways I Keep My Invincible Mindset

There is plenty of history behind how I’ve kept an invincible mindset. You can read all about it in the previous post. Life has brought me many opportunities and lessons about the importance of inner strength. Some things were learned the hard way, while others came easily to me. All of it has been vital to my survival and ability to…

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Marketing Plan Challenge #5

Challenge 5: Making the Plan 1. You will need a colleague or trusted associate again for this challenge. Brainstorm some big picture ideas for a marketing campaign. This is a list of “umbrella ideas” that your other content can be organized under. 2. Discuss the tactics that you want to use in your campaign – email, social media, outbound phone calls. Then decide…

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Marketing Plan Challenge #4

  Challenge 4: Your Brand Personality 1. Sit down with a colleague or trusted associate for this challenge. It should be someone who really knows and understands your company and brand. Each of person gets a post-it pad and a pen. 2. Without talking about it, write down 1, 2, and 3-word phrases that describe your company. Think about the tone, energy, style,…

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Marketing Plan Challenge #3

  Challenge 3: Evaluating Your Current Situation 1. Evaluating your current situation starts with numbers, so pull all of the vital reports that impact your business: website traffic, sales reports, referral reports, social media analytics, etc.   2. If you can, look back at where you were 6 months ago. Layout the changes and development over time in a spreadsheet (i.e.…

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Marketing Plan Challenge #2

  Challenge 2: Your Ideal Client 1. Think about your ideal client’s personality, behaviors, pain points, and preferences. Write a story-like description of this ideal client. 2. Sit down with a friend or colleague and try to explain to her who this person is, referencing your description as a guide. Can you step into this ideal client’s shoes? Now take that insight and review…

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Marketing Plan Challenge

Small Business Owners: Many of us want to see real growth in our businesses by the end of 2016. We’ve just passed the half-way mark of the year, so if you haven’t stepped up your game it’s time to do exactly that – step up and make a plan. Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll be sharing one step to the marketing plan challenge…

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