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Are You Attracting and Retaining Your Ideal Customer?

After the Marketing Strategy… You met with a branding or marketing professional, and together you worked on your marketing strategy plan. That plan included creating customer personas, which is great. But what do you do with these little profiles of your ideal customer now?  How will this information help you attract and retain your ideal customers? Attracting Your Ideal Customer…

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7 Steps to Creating Customer Personas

Would you like to… Attract more ideal customers? Increase your conversion rates? Create marketing campaigns that generate engagement? Provide useful resources for your loyal customers? Build a feedback loop for improving your business?   If if your answer is yes, then continue reading, because this article reveals the powerful tool that so many small business owners neglect. It is highly…

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How Does Your Business’ Social Media Presence Look?

What’s in your message?  Does your audience understand the value you bring?  Are you using a consistent message about your business throughout your social media presence? All of your content — for marketing, sales, customer service, and anything else publicly available — shows your brand message, it’s clearly understood and provides value to your audience. Right? (I hope so) If you feel unsure about this,…

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Blogging Should Be A Resource for Your Business

What is the point of blogging for your business? It doesn’t directly bring in any revenue for the business, so why bother?   Did you know companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those who do not blog? (HubSpot) And who says you can’t acquire new customers from your blog? That person is wrong. If you would like…

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Getting the Opt-In … Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategy

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with other small business owners to discuss email marketing, specifically getting people to opt-in to their campaigns. Usually, most of the attendees for these monthly live chats arrive in-person. This time around, however, the group was largely people joining the virtual meeting (live) and only a few of us in a conference room. And…

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Making a Landing Page for Your Online Course

Many of my colleagues, friends, and clients are working on developing an online course that reflects their expertise – myself included. It is certainly a growing area for many in the realm of professional services. And it’s a very logical offering when you consider the savings in your time while increasing somewhat passive revenue for your business. One of the…

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Email List Building Strategies: Part 3

This is the third part of the 3-part series about email list building strategies. Check out the first post about designing a powerful sign-up or opt-in form and the second post about 5 ways to get content clarity. The point of this series is to share some best practices. Rather than offering specific tools, I’ll let you decide how you’d like to implement these…

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Empathy for Entrepreneurs – Why It Matters

For my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, many of us have a natural ability to empathize with others. By this, I mean it more so in a cognitive way than an emotional way. Empathy stems from your ability to hear, sense and truly understand someone else. Empathy becomes increasingly important as we get older. With each passing year, we gain new knowledge and…

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