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Take Back Your Day With Smart Delegation

Ironically, it took me a while to realize that delegation truly does have a great impact on our ability to grow our businesses. I was telling people to hire a virtual assistant and delegate while I didn’t initially realize how much I was still doing myself in my own business. I needed to practice what I was preaching!   The…

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Why Do I Host Live Chats?

Equal Value from Live Chats If you have ever attended (in person or virtually) one of my monthly #SmallBiz Live Chats, then you know how valuable the conversations are for all involved. While the participants get to ask the questions troubling them or pick my brain for some marketing-specific insights, I get to learn about the pain points that people…

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Small Business Insights Into Facebook & Social Media

Last week I hosted a discussion with small business owners on the topic of Facebook Analytics. I provided some insights to them related to data definitions (as seen in the Facebook Analytics post). What I heard from them was quite remarkable too. The group shared their experiences with Facebook’s “Insights” for company pages as well as the decline of Facebook…

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Social Media as a Tool for Highly Regulated Industries

After Researching and Discussing Social Media’s Uses and limitations for Highly Regulated Industries, I’ve gathered these 5 key takeaways. The industries I’m referring to include health care, finance, and legal. There are other industries affected, but most can fit under one of these 3 umbrellas.   1. The best way to use social media in highly regulated industries is research –…

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Empathy for Entrepreneurs – Why It Matters

For my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, many of us have a natural ability to empathize with others. By this, I mean it more so in a cognitive way than an emotional way. Empathy stems from your ability to hear, sense and truly understand someone else. Empathy becomes increasingly important as we get older. With each passing year, we gain new knowledge and…

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Evaluate Business Success

Slow Down, Reflect and Evaluate Your Business I found myself feeling so stressed last month. There was so much going on – a family trip, moving, client work, planning for the next online training. It was totally overwhelming, and for a moment I allowed it to make me crazy. Rather than having a meltdown or making things worse, I paused…

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Smart Marketing Goals

Why set goals? Goal setting is the foundation of all your marketing activities. If you are going to have active social media campaigns and write blogs every week, wouldn’t you like to have a clear direction and understanding of why you’re doing all of that work? Isn’t it logical that you want to see the effective of your marketing tactics and be…

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