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Identify Your Ideal Customers With Social Media Tools

One of my esteemed strategic partners, Trusty Oak Virtual Assistants, recently asked me to write a guest post on their blog. I was given the challenge of explaining the uses of the Facebook Audience Insights tool for business development. Social media tools offer incredible information these days, especially Facebook, so I accepted the challenge.   Who are your ideal customers?…

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CRM Systems: Managing Customer Relationships

DEFINE CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the business strategies, processes, and technology that businesses use to organize and improve relationships with customers and other key contacts such as vendors and partners.  We collect data about customers, analyze the information, and use it to improve business relationships, boost customer loyalty, grow sales, and even make product improvements.…

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Fall Challenge: Finding Your Brand Tribe

Do You Know Your Brand Tribe? One of the most important steps to writing strong marketing and sales copy is understanding your customers (See Empathy for Entrepreneurs). Beyond my customers and clients, I think of the larger group as My Tribe. Others may call them the “Brand Tribe” or their business community. My brand tribe includes clients (past, current, and…

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Why Do I Host Live Chats?

Equal Value from Live Chats If you have ever attended (in person or virtually) one of my monthly #SmallBiz Live Chats, then you know how valuable the conversations are for all involved. While the participants get to ask the questions troubling them or pick my brain for some marketing-specific insights, I get to learn about the pain points that people…

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