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3 Reasons to Consider Online Courses for Your Business

Why Should You Consider Taking an Online Course? ✔ Business Development ✔ Professional Development ✔ Personal Growth   1. Business Efficiency. Time is money, and every minute you spend on researching the latest “trend” in marketing tactics or business development ideas could be used in a smarter and way. Spend a couple of hours in an online course that is focused on actionable takeaways…

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Reading the Story in Your Market Research Data

Once you have gathered all of the information for understanding your ideal customer, the next step is to analyze the information. Analysis simply means examination or investigation, so this step is where you will read the story that the market research data is telling. The two methods for reading and understanding this information are qualitative or quantitative analysis. Understanding the…

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Making a Landing Page for Your Online Course

Many of my colleagues, friends, and clients are working on developing an online course that reflects their expertise – myself included. It is certainly a growing area for many in the realm of professional services. And it’s a very logical offering when you consider the savings in your time while increasing somewhat passive revenue for your business. One of the…

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