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Find Your Tribe

An 8-week course that guides you through creating a market research plan and customer personas. Improve your marketing and sales efforts PLUS operational efficiencies of your business.

Find Your Tribe

A Guide to Effective Market Research & Creating Customer Personas


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Instead of feeling stuck and unsure like this...

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Free up your schedule from time wasted on researching and self-teaching without guidance.  You are a professional, so get support from other professionals. These high-quality training workshops and courses were created by experienced people who understand small business needs and restrictions.

Get guidance and support to grow your business


These business development trainings are for anyone tired of wasting time trying to figure out what the next big thing is going to be.


If you, an assistant, office manager, intern, or other team members are working toward growing the business, then consider taking an online course.


Courses and training workshops are a cost-effective approach to growing your business. You can reach your target audience with a smart and customized plan.


My goal is to free up your time so that you can do better things like meet with prospective customers or (dare I say) go on a vacation.

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The Approach

None of us enjoy being sold to, especially by a slimy sales person with no skin in the game. However, it's hard to not connect with a great story - especially one that's relevant to your audience.  That is how I (Candice Beckmann) approach marketing and sales.


It's important to be real, authentic, and true to who you are in the world. Share your story and why you do what you do.

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This is a section of a course looking closely at social media analysis


3 Reasons to Consider Online Courses


1. Efficiency. Time is money, and every minute you spend on researching the latest "trend" in marketing tactics could be used in a smarter and more impactful way. Spend a couple of hours in this course and you won't need to waste more time.

2. Customized Marketing Plans. These trainings provide marketing and sales tactics, smart processes, and ways to best organize all of it. You'll develop a structure and manageable systems that get results for you - whether that's doubling your monthly leads or increasing your digital reach.

3.  Get an Advocate & Resource. Once you have participated in a training, you are part of a collaborative community. Beckmann Collaborative is more than Candice Beckmann and her marketing insights. We are a network of professionals in graphic design, website development, video production & editing, administrative support, and more.

PLUS you'll have direct access to ask Candice all of your questions. She will stand as an advocate to support you. 

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