Two Keys to Good Social Media Content

What makes a “good” social media post?


How do you measure it?


This video offers two keys to make good social media content for your business.


Video Transcript:

Today I want to talk about social media content. Let’s touch upon two key items that will make your content, good content. And they’re really simple.


The first is your brand being consistent with your brand voice across all social media channels is key. That way people know it’s you, and it doesn’t mean word-for-word. But understand that your core values are reflected in all the content you put out there, and so consistently sharing it across all channels that you’re active on really matters. People are connecting with you for that consistency.


And number two is recognize the value to your audience. Why do you have raving fans? Why do people follow you the way they do? It’s because you’re delivering something valuable, so make sure that you continue delivering value to them every single day.



My name is Candice Beckmann. I’m the owner of Beckmann Collaborative. and I invite you this Friday to join me for a live discussion on this very topic of social media content. I hope to see you there!

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