3 Reasons to Consider Online Courses for Your Business

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Why Should You Consider Taking an Online Course?

✔ Business Development

✔ Professional Development

✔ Personal Growth


1. Business Efficiency.

Time is money, and every minute you spend on researching the latest “trend” in marketing tactics or business development ideas could be used in a smarter and way. Spend a couple of hours in an online course that is focused on actionable takeaways instead. You don’t need to waste any more time with guessing games


2. Customized Learning.

The kinds of online courses and training workshops that are most valuable will provide you with some work to do on your own business. For Beckmann Collaborative, we are focused on marketing strategy, business development tactics, smart processes in your operations, and ways to best organize all of it.

You can develop a structure and manageable systems that get results for your business. Whether that’s doubling your monthly leads, expanding your professional expertise, or increasing your digital reach.


3.  Connections and Resources. 

After participating in an online course or virtual training, you are part of a community of life-long learners. Most courses come with forums and other ways to connect with others in the group. For example, Beckmann Collaborative is more than just me (Candice) and some marketing insights I can share. We are a network of professionals with skills ranging from graphic design and website development to video editing, administrative support, and more.

These are the kinds of connections we all need to build as small business owners and grow beyond whatever limits we may initially see. 



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A Shift in Focus to Online Courses

Late last year, I made the decision to expand the Beckmann Collaborative’s focus beyond one-to-one consulting to include professional development training. After several speaking engagements and client training workshops, I saw the bigger opportunity for the future of my business and a way to genuinely contribute to others. Corporate Training and Professional Development are the driving forces behind Beckmann Collaborative now.


Stay tuned for updates on new courses and workshops on topics including Branding Your Business, Marketing 101, Identifying Your Ideal Customers, and more.


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