3 Ways I Keep My Invincible Mindset

There is plenty of history behind how I’ve kept an invincible mindset. You can read all about it in the previous post. Life has brought me many opportunities and lessons about the importance of inner strength. Some things were learned the hard way, while others came easily to me. All of it has been vital to my survival and ability to thrive as an entrepreneur / small business owner.


Keeping an Invincible Mindset

While life continues to teach me valuable lessons and remind me about having an invincible mindset, I’ve also learned a few ways to reinforce this mindset. It takes practice. Here are some suggestions that may work for you too:


1. Morning Meditation

Meditation is an effortless practice. Some call it a state of thoughtless awareness. It enables you to focus on the present moment.

When I kickstart the day with meditation it puts me in a good mood, and then nothing can stop me from achieving what I want. This small shift in my morning routine has changed my thinking for the entire day. A short meditation can work wonders to keep me invincible mindset strong so that I”m focused on the end goal.

2. Set an Intention

Many people talk about the importance of goal setting in business. What goal have you been working toward? Have you been stuck and having trouble achieving it?

Following my morning meditation, I set an intention for the day (sometimes it repeats for the week). My intention is based on my larger goals. So if my goal for the quarter is to increase sales by a certain amount, then I’ll need to consider what tactics will get me there and ultimately the intention needed.


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3. Facing Fear

When something is a false fear, it is especially important to face it head on. Most things are false fears. A poisonous snake bite, a category 5 hurricane, or an aggressive criminal is dangerous and worth feeling fear over. However, a dissatisfied customer who you need to face is not going to actually hurt you.

When it comes to handling personal or professional relationships, there is no reason to avoid it. I’ve found that swallowing the instinctual fear of an attack on the ego is not so hard. In fact, facing that kind of fear has continued to make me stronger.


There are a million different tactics that you can use to help you have an invincible mindset. These are just 3 of my favorites because they seem small yet powerful. Consider the things that you can do to help you feel invincible.

P.S. Here’s a funny short story…

I remember being about 4 or 5 years old and very little could scare me. Our neighbor had a big dog named Bruno that was about twice my size. While visiting the neighbors house one day, Bruno growled at my older brother. If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I have always been very loyal and especially protective of my family. I put my hands on my hips, looked the dog straight in the eyes, and told him to “leave my brudder alone.”

If we can all stand up to our fears like 5-year old Candi did with Bruno, then we can all be stronger.


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