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About Beckmann Collaborative LLC

At Beckmann Collaborative LLC, we value knowledge, integrity, and collaboration. These core values strengthen the relationships we have with clients and partners. They serve as the pillars of how business is developed.


What is a Collaborative?

A collaborative is a team of trusted partners working together to harnesses their collective intelligence, imagination, and the spirit of storytelling while driving business development. This methodology offers a critical strategic advantage that even works in highly competitive markets.

Business Development & Marketing

For Passionate Small Business Owners Who Want to Share Their Stories

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Courses & Training

Always be learning. If you're a believer in self-sufficiency, then consider online courses and training sessions for you and your team. From market research and marketing plan creation to social media strategy and CRM process, you can grow your skills to grow your business. Knowledge sharing is one of our core values.

Business Strategy

If you're beyond learning and ready to get customized support, then work directly with me and my collaborative partners. Business development requires both planning and collaboration. We design customized strategies with you based on your business goals, budget, and company history. Each business strategy includes clearly defined processes.


Collaborative partnerships are core to the success of each client. You gain more value by accessing the relationships I've built with professional specialists. Each collaborative partner brings unique expertise to the client and project - whether it is graphic design, video editing, or even coaching.

Candice Beckmann, Beckmann Collaborative, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing

Candice Beckmann, Owner & Small Business Strategist

Candice Beckmann is a small business storyteller who understands the importance of the customer experience. Throughout her 12+ years of marketing, her professional journey includes Broadway shows, Carnegie Hall, and a variety of small businesses.

A native New Yorker, Candice moved to Texas after realizing the people in “her tribe” were fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners. She began pursuing a life focused on supporting the growth and development of small businesses using the skills most developed – communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

As the owner of Beckmann Collaborative, Candice works with clients who run the gamut of industries from software technology and education to family law and medical. The work of Beckmann Collaborative circles around a common theme of connecting people and telling their stories. Candice's diligent work is reflected in the strategic partnerships that ultimately support small business owners so their stories can be heard.

So now I want to know, #WhatsYourStory

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If you have more questions about Beckmann Collaborative,
small business marketing tactics, or ways to grow your business, then ...

Let's schedule a call
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Find a time available in my calendar and we can schedule a call to figure out if and how I can support you and your small business.


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