Business Owner or Freelance Dynamo. Which One Are You?

Are you a business owner or a freelance dynamo?

A Freelance Dynamo is really good a specific skill set. He or she works hard to deliver a high quality product. However, there is little or no planning towards long-term goals and growth. This is a person who will always work solo and is okay with it staying that way. There are some incredible freelance dynamos who I’ve had the pleasure to work with and they are so happy working that way.


A Business Owner is a leader. This is someone who plots the future. This person is the holder of the brand and the company culture.
A business owner hires the right people to support the big idea and future that has been plotted out. This person empowers the other people working for him or her to grow, develop, and step into bigger and bigger roles.


I recently wrote an article on Medium admitting that I have been running my business like a freelance dynamo, but thought I was a business owner. It was an important epiphany for me in 2017. With this new knowledge that I want to be a business owner, I’ve been making adjustments in my business – it was especially noticeable in the second half of 2017. It will continue to change even more so into 2018.

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While I’m not embarrassed about this revelation, I do feel relieved to have figured it out. As any counselor or spiritual teacher might tell you, it is most likely that I was scared of something and that is why it took me a while to get to this place now. I’m getting over that fear of… success, playing big on the metaphoric stage, and being noticed by more than a few people.


This was part of my journey for a reason and it’s still unfolding for me.


Always Be Learning

Throughout our lives, we should always be learning. That is one of my core values. One of the things I’ve noticed about how I’ve been running my business is the naturally integration of professional development and training.


When I work with contractors, strategic partners, and clients there are often opportunities for knowledge sharing. I’m often keeping an eye out for one of those opportunities to learn from others and share what I have learned. It helps us all grow.


In my youth, I once had a pastor tell me that one of the miracles of life is that we learn at least one new thing a day. He challenged me to identify that new thing each day – ask myself what did I learn today? As a grown adult, I can see the value in that exercise even more now. I’ve added the follow-up question of “and how can I apply this knowledge to my life or make things better?”

What’s Next for this Business Owner?

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A key piece of the bigger plot I have in mind for the future of Beckmann Collaborative is running with this professional development, learning and training concept that I’m so interested in. I see the university systems failing to educate young people about what’s happening in real-time. Everything seems to be behind by the time they step into a job interview. It’s totally unfair.


How can someone be expected to get a college degree and then get on-the-job training? Yes, it’s called skills-based hiring and it is the way of our future (and present).


Several companies have invited me to their offices for specific team training workshops. In these meetings, I offer foundational business knowledge, and I train the team how to apply these concepts to their job. And I love it!


I love it so much, that I started pulling my knowledge together into some online courses. This year I’m refining those courses, adding more juicy content, and then releasing them to the public. Plus, there will be workshops on very specific topics that leave the learner walking away with actionable knowledge – like my WordPress 101 workshop coming up later this month. I’m super excited to have a group of small business owners joining me for a dive into the ways for business owners to leverage the website management platform.


A Business Owner is always learning and growing

The reason I am so attracted to being a business owner over a freelance dynamo is the learning and growth. Maybe you feel this way too. If you’re hungry for knowledge and ways to contribute to someone else’s “something new I learned today”, then I consider it to be a successful day.


My big “ASK” today is on valuable topics. What is something that you are struggling with in your business (or your employees are struggling) that would help you grow? I want to develop courses and workshops that cater to real needs of real business owners and freelance dynamos too.


Some examples of training topics I’m already presenting include:

  • Branding Basics + Reputation
  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer + Improving Processes to Better Serve Them
  • Defining the Customer Journey
  • Customer Relationship Management Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy 101
  • Blogging for Business


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