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Purpose-Driven Business Collaboration

For those of you who know me well, you might easily guess that I’m a big advocate of collaboration in business. Built into Beckmann Collaborative is the understanding that partnerships make us all stronger. When I share resources with my strategic partners, it allows us to improve the quality of each project, increase leads, expand brand awareness, and have a business…

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Lessons Learned from Hosting a Branding Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, people from across the country joined me and two of my collaborative partners for a branding workshop. Together, we shared insights on creating brand language from your business’ core values and brand personality. We discussed how to best work with a graphic designer to translate that information into a visual brand. Then we wrapped it…

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Business Owner or Freelance Dynamo. Which One Are You?

Are you a business owner or a freelance dynamo? A Freelance Dynamo is really good a specific skill set. He or she works hard to deliver a high quality product. However, there is little or no planning towards long-term goals and growth. This is a person who will always work solo and is okay with it staying that way. There…

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Are You a Public Speaker or a Storyteller?

Did you imagine a career as a “Public Speaker”? Many of my friends and colleagues call themselves “public speakers”. It seems that there is a fast-growing trend where everyone is a public speaker or an author. Or maybe that is just happening in my little bubble. We all imagine great things in our future as children. I remember seeing myself as this amazing…

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Empathy for Entrepreneurs – Why It Matters

For my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, many of us have a natural ability to empathize with others. By this, I mean it more so in a cognitive way than an emotional way. Empathy stems from your ability to hear, sense and truly understand someone else. Empathy becomes increasingly important as we get older. With each passing year, we gain new knowledge and…

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Should You Keep Social Media In-house or Outsource It?

Last year, 205 million people browsed products, compared prices, and bought merchandise at least once, and that number is expected to grow to 224 million by 2019. Social media has become the new word of mouth allowing your brand’s message to spread quickly and by people who stand behind the product or service. It has and will continue to have…

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