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Take Back Your Day With Smart Delegation

Ironically, it took me a while to realize that delegation truly does have a great impact on our ability to grow our businesses. I was telling people to hire a virtual assistant and delegate while I didn’t initially realize how much I was still doing myself in my own business. I needed to practice what I was preaching!   The…

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Are You a Public Speaker or a Storyteller?

Did you imagine a career as a “Public Speaker”? Many of my friends and colleagues call themselves “public speakers”. It seems that there is a fast-growing trend where everyone is a public speaker or an author. Or maybe that is just happening in my little bubble. We all imagine great things in our future as children. I remember seeing myself as this amazing…

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Creating a Social Media Campaign

It’s not about just throwing stuff up on Facebook, you need to have a plan. Social media is a key piece of most business marketing plans nowadays. While it is just one piece, there still needs to be a plan put in place. Creating social media campaigns is a smart way to address the need for consistency in your marketing…

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Developing Trust Between You and Customers

Trust. It is the firm belief in one’s reliability, integrity, or the strength of someone or something. While taking a walk, I was wondering about whether the people helping me to develop and grow my business. Are they trustworthy? Maybe someone is going to swindle me, lie and take my money. This is the risk we run every time we make…

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Lead Generation Basics

Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Ideas While I love content marketing, storytelling and expressing business concepts through the written word and images, it’s all useless if you haven’t laid out a lead generation plan for your company. The phrase lead generation is loaded and scares many non-technical business owners. But really, there is nothing to fear. Here is a quick-start guide to…

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Telling a Story vs Selling a Product

You can shout from the hills all day long about how amazing your product or service is, but there is so much competition out there that it is difficult (even rare) for you to stand out from the crowd. There is no meaning in a product description, but there IS in telling a story behind it or the company that developed…

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Why I Love Content Marketing

Content Marketing aka “Corporate Storytelling” Many people are buzzing about content marketing as if it is a brand new concept. Content marketing is just a new title to a long running concept of telling your company or brand story through your marketing campaigns.  Some people have called itCorporate Storytelling or “Old-School Marketing” content. This is the oldest form of marketing after…

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