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Social Media Content: A Recap of the May #LiveChat

Social Media Content: Your Brand | Your Audience | Your Results In May, we talked about social media content. This is a topic that I was excited to address with fellow small business owners because managing your own business’ social media content can be exhausting. It can take more energy than most of us as small business owners want to contribute to it. However,…

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How Does Your Business’ Social Media Presence Look?

What’s in your message?  Does your audience understand the value you bring?  Are you using a consistent message about your business throughout your social media presence? All of your content — for marketing, sales, customer service, and anything else publicly available — shows your brand message, it’s clearly understood and provides value to your audience. Right? (I hope so) If you feel unsure about this,…

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Which Social Media Platform is Right For Your Business?

I recently came across an article on B2C (Business to Community) that looked closely at each of the major social media platforms. One of the first things that the article clearly defines is the importance of understanding that each platform is unique and so your messaging on each should have it’s own strategy. While I agree with that assessment, please keep…

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Small Business Insights Into Facebook & Social Media

Last week I hosted a discussion with small business owners on the topic of Facebook Analytics. I provided some insights to them related to data definitions (as seen in the Facebook Analytics post). What I heard from them was quite remarkable too. The group shared their experiences with Facebook’s “Insights” for company pages as well as the decline of Facebook…

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Social Media as a Tool for Highly Regulated Industries

After Researching and Discussing Social Media’s Uses and limitations for Highly Regulated Industries, I’ve gathered these 5 key takeaways. The industries I’m referring to include health care, finance, and legal. There are other industries affected, but most can fit under one of these 3 umbrellas.   1. The best way to use social media in highly regulated industries is research –…

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Video Recap: Social Media for Highly Regulated Industries

  Last week I hosted another live discussion online with professionals who work in highly regulated industries – specifically those in healthcare, finance, and legal businesses. I can only begin to express my gratitude and respect for the people who work in these regulated industries because the work they do is so dependent on a foundation of trust and integrity.  …

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Risk & Reward: Financial Services Using Social Media

The foundation of every strong professional relationship is trust, and that is especially true for those working in financial services. Each client is choosing to give you access to their investments, retirement savings, and insurance. Handling someone’s financial future is a big undertaking. Financial services professionals are often in a position where you must self-promote, even when your business is…

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Why Are Healthcare Professionals Not Using Social Media?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in regulations? If not, then you probably do not work in the medical and healthcare industry. Many physicians think that social media marketing, in particular, is a waste of time. That’s probably because they see the amount of effort required to tackle social media marketing while respecting regulations. However, some thought leaders…

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