Creating Collaborative Reciprocal Relationships 

Teamwork is core to Beckmann Collaborative 

Over the past 5 years, we have shared resources with strategic partners in efforts to support small business owners across the United States. Collaborating with strategic partners has enabled us to deliver the best results to clients. These partnerships have also provided opportunities for us to share knowledge, connections, and save money. We want to support partners in growing their businesses by attracting and retaining ideal customers. 

Business has evolved, and so has Beckmann Collaborative’s partner program. We are moving beyond handshake agreements to support each other. The new partner program aims as growing our relationship as we grow our businesses.

It’s easy to join the Partner Program!

Start by letting us know you’re interested in partnering. Fill out the interest form by clicking the button below.

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Referral Partner

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10% discount on any service

Resell and package service offerings. Or use as a goodwill gesture to a client

Referral fee instead of the services discount

5% off BC online courses and workshops

Strategic Partner


15% discount on any service

Resell and package services

Referral Fee or Commission instead of a discount

Cross-Promotions with BC: website, social media, email, and more

Free access to specific online courses

Invitation to annual Partner Appreciation event for strategic networking and fun!

Elite Partner

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15% discount on any service

Resell and package services

Larger Commission or Referral Fee instead of services discount

Cross-Promotions with BC

Free access to specific online courses

Opportunity to host / co-host a course or workshop using the BC learning management platform

Invitation to annual Partner Appreciation event 

How It Works:

1. Fill out the Interest Form to let us know you want to join the partner program. 

2. Let’s Chat about the kind of partnership we want to have. Then we’ll send over a partner info kit.

3. Start Referring Contacts:

  • Direct existing clients to our Business Assessment form and have them mention you as a referral.
  • Share on social media and in emails about our services and tell folks to let us know who referred them.

4. Choose from 3 Ways to Partner:

  • Package our services with your own and resell with a margin.
  • Create good will by offering the discounted rate directly to your contact.
  • Receive a referral fee or commission for each project.

5. Quarterly Strategy Sessions help us find the best ways to support each other’s businesses.

High Fives All Around

High Fives for Collaboration and Partnership

Referral Partner

The most successful partnerships are built over time through many experiences, so everyone starts out as a referral partner. Our referral partners have an opportunity to grow into Strategic Partners and then Elite Partners.

Strategic Partner

As our partnership grows, so do the perks. After 3 successful referrals, you can become a Strategic Partner. Strategic Partners get all of the same benefits as Referral Partners plus cross-promotions and more.

Elite Partner

Our experiences together grow and so do the benefits! Strategic Partners can become Elite Partners after 6 successful referrals. The Elite Partners get all of the same benefits as Referral and Strategic Partners plus more opportunities to grow your audience.

**No Financial Investment is Required to Participate in the Partner Program**

We partner with individual freelancers and other small businesses who share our core values and the goal of supporting small business owners.

Past Partners offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Coaching
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Paid Advertising / PPC / Facebook Ads
  • Human Resources / Company Culture
  • Virtual Assistance 
  • Video Editing 

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