CRM: A Customer-Focused Strategy

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Customer-Focused Businesses Succeed

Many generations of businesses and leaders have been serious about delivering great customer service. However, it is when a business begins to focus on the complete client experience that the business sees the biggest impact.

Having a customer focused strategy means making fundamental changes in how a company is run. This contributes to the overall success of a business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the company take the customer’s experience under consideration first.


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This 20-page paper outlines the risks of not having a customer-focused business, opportunities that appear with a CRM plan in place, and how to implement a customer relationship management plan.

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Co-Authored by Candice Beckmann DeRiso and Matthew Pinkney

Candice is the owner and lead collaborator for Beckmann Collaborator. She is a marketing strategist and storyteller who understands the importance of the customer experience. Using a mixture of traditional marketing, guerrilla methods, and digital strategy, the work of Beckmann Collaborative circles around a common theme of connecting people and telling their stories. Read More About Candice

Matthew is a recent graduate of  the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and an apprentice with Beckmann Collaborative.  He is a digital marketing innovator with a detailed background in analytics, content marketing, and ROI optimization. Read More About Matthew

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