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Live Chats on Small Business Development

Join us for a monthly workshop and group conversation. We discuss real-world business issues and actionable techniques for addressing them.  Candice leads the conversation with an initial presentation, then we workshop the ideas and issues among us. Small business owners and their team members share their experiences, ideas, the possibilities, and the risks around marketing and growing your business – especially on a small budget.



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JANUARY:  Conquering Facebook Analytics

Facebook AnalyticsWe focused on Facebook’s analytics. Social media data is so important to read through and fully understand. It’s overwhelming at times, so this will be an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions. Join me, Candice Beckmann, along with some guests as we host another small business live discussion.

Here is a related blog post. Review the presentation here. Watch the highlights on YouTube.

FEBRUARY: Launching Your Online Course

launching an online course, online course, marketing, marketing a course, marketing a course onlineIf you have created an online course to share your expertise with others, then the next big step is getting an audience to sign-up for it. In this discussion we looked at the tactics and strategies behind the launch of an online course. How do you get the sign-ups you need to be successful? And how do you keep people engaged?

Watch the highlights on YouTube

MARCH: Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email marketing, lead generation, getting the opt in, live chats, small business, small business emailHow are you getting people on your email list and keeping them on your list? During this discussion, we dug into the first step in powerful email marketing – getting people to opt-in. We looked at the important considerations in the opt-in process from the sign-up form to the confirmation page and the content of the email.



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APRIL: Blogging for Business

Did you know companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those who do not blog? If you want to promote your business and reach a broader audience, one of the wisest things you can do is to share your expertise. Blog writing is such a logical way to show off that expertise while attracting people to your website where they can buy something for you, opt into an email list, or contact you.

Click the video below to watch highlights from this chat.

MAY: Social Media Content

social media, live chat, live discussion, small business,During this #LIveChat we discussed social media content development and writing in detail. Looking closely at content quality, language of your customer, alignment with your brand, and consistency. Read More about it here. 







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JUNE: What’s Your Story?

How do you share the story of who you are and what your business provides? This is key to creating a sales pitch and gaining trust from your leads. Writing your best content means incorporating your core values, brand voice, and storytelling. We’ll touch upon a few of these areas.



Running a business or supporting the growth of a small business is tough. It takes hard work and dedication. Those who are the most successful do not traverse this journey alone.

This is an opportunity for you to connect with other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small business team members to talk about specific business and marketing strategies that work. The aim of the live chats is to have a group of like-minded people share their insights so that you can take actions in your business. From marketing plans and social media strategies to low-budget software tools and customer satisfaction, we’re talking about it.

You’re invited to join us and listen in, ask questions, and get clear on what’s working and what isn’t.




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