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Reading the Story in Your Market Research Data

Once you have gathered all of the information for understanding your ideal customer, the next step is to analyze the information. Analysis simply means examination or investigation, so this step is where you will read the story that the market research data is telling. The two methods for reading and understanding this information are qualitative or quantitative analysis. Understanding the…

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Small Business Insights Into Facebook & Social Media

Last week I hosted a discussion with small business owners on the topic of Facebook Analytics. I provided some insights to them related to data definitions (as seen in the Facebook Analytics post). What I heard from them was quite remarkable too. The group shared their experiences with Facebook’s “Insights” for company pages as well as the decline of Facebook…

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Facebook Analytics: Definitions and Organizing Data

Have you ever exported your Facebook Analytics to take a closer look? It’s overwhelming. In fact, it seems like the designers wanted to inundate you with information so that you wouldn’t look at it. Really though, Facebook collects so much data per post that they want you to have everything available to you. This post looks at some of the key…

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Creating a Structure for Your Marketing

Today’s Live Stream was on building a structure for your marketing plan. Don’t run away from this just yet. The video is only 15 minutes long and there is some really juicy and helpful info in there. During the video, I share an outline of the basic structure for your marketing. There are 5 key parts to this plan, and you…

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Translating Reports Into An Actionable Marketing Plan

What do I do with all of these reports? You’ve taken the time to look through Google Analytics and social media reports, so now what do you do? Let’s create an actionable marketing plan based on those results. What did you see in your reports? Perhaps you noticed that Facebook posts had a higher engagement on Friday afternoons than those on…

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