Find Your Tribe


Do you know your ideal customer?


Are you frustrated by the feeling that your message is
LOST in the NOISE?


Who are the people reading and loving your brand story?


Authentic, memorable, valuable content and information delivered to the right people in the appropriate way is more critical than ever. The economy is driven by the customer, what they want, what they need, and how they want information communicated.

But WHO is your ideal customer?

You don’t need to be a marketer or sales professional to conduct market research and find your tribe of ideal customers. So much of this is logical and easy. It just takes a bit of focus and effort. This course approaches market research with realistic and actionable insights that you can apply to your business.

Over the past year, this course was developed into a succinct, practical, and actionable series of episodes that anyone could do. The outcome is clarity on how to find your tribe of ideal customers.

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You’re guided through 8 Steps of a Market Research Plan to identify your ideal customers. This process starts with you, the business owner and your brand, and it concludes with creating customer personas for long-term use in your business.



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A persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer.


Your customer persona is based on market research and the data you have about your existing customers.


How will customer personas help me make more money or save time? 



> Deeper understanding of your ideal customer creates connections and loyalty


> Cut Back on wasted efforts in the wrong places or targeting the wrong people


> Refine your sales process by speaking the same “language” as your ideal customer.  Be aware of their pain points, goals, and objections.


Creating personas (or avatars) are valuable for supporting several processes in your business. Obviously, it’s helpful for marketing and sales, because you can speak to your ideal customers.  But it’s also a tremendous tool for your product development or the development of your core offerings.  It provides a structure for someone else on your team or a consultant to understand your ideal customer and how to best communicate with your tribe or how to deliver the best product/service.


If you’re struggling with customer satisfaction or reaching the right people, then this is the work you should be doing.


What’s a Market Research Plan?

Simply put, this course is your market research plan. There are 8 steps, which translate into 8 sections of your plan. You will get clear about your business values, customers’ wants and needs, plus all of the tools for handling the market research.


When you create a market research plan, you set yourself up for success. Some of the things you will do in this course include:

  • Set Goals for Your Market Research
  • Get Clear About Your Business – Customer Relationship
  • Identify the Approach for Researching
  • Create a Simple, but Effective Way to Organize Information
  • Analyze the Information You Gather
  • Create Customer Avatars


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This is one way to be organized in your business…




RESULTS: A Complete Market Research Plan with Your Ideal Customer Persona(s)

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Candice Beckmann DeRiso, Owner of Beckmann Collaborative
Candice Beckmann, Beckmann Collaborative, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing

Candice DeRiso is a content marketing strategist, storyteller, and the owner of Beckmann Collaborative. Her business brings together a team of professionals cooperatively supporting small business owners in achieving success. She left her home in Queens, New York and followed her entrepreneurial instincts to Austin. In Austin, she has applied her extensive experience from performing arts marketing (20 Broadway shows and 360 Carnegie Hall concerts) to high-tech companies, wellness practitioners, finance professionals, and other local startups. Candice is driven to empower small business owners through trainings and consulting in the areas of customer relationship management, content creation, market research, and marketing strategy. What’s your story?


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