Why Do I Host Live Chats?

Equal Value from Live Chats

If you have ever attended (in person or virtually) one of my monthly #SmallBiz Live Chats, then you know how valuable the conversations are for all involved. While the participants get to ask the questions troubling them or pick my brain for some marketing-specific insights, I get to learn about the pain points that people have in business. Plus, it’s fun.

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My Ongoing Research

Just as in our daily lives, business is an ever-changing and growing world. A big part of my professional development and learning is through meeting with other small business owners. The best way for me to contribute to others is to get really clear about what they need.

I ask a lot of questions – not to the point of irritating, but definitely to the point of intrigue. If you’re okay with sharing and being challenged a bit, then you would probably appreciate my questions.

That is my approach to these live chats – questions. These are not workshops or trainings, but I do make sure to bring value through experiences and insights into every live chat conversation.


What to Expect at a Live Chat

If you join us in-person, then people usually shuffle in a few minutes early to grab coffee or snacks and to chit chat among each other. Usually I start the conversation by welcoming everyone and doing any introductions. Then we jump right into the topic. I like to introduce the topic from a general stand point or definition, then we go through a series of group questions.

The question progress the conversation in a very logical way. I will inquire about what you’re doing in your business related to the topic, how you’re addressing an issue, or your experiences with the strategy. The conversation naturally progresses from there, which is the part I love most. Everyone wants to contribute to each other, and so that is what happens – sharing our failures, successes, and other business experiences in a way to watch out for each other.

Join the Next Live Chat If…

  • You feel like you don’t have people to talk with about your business issues.
  • You want to build new connections with other small business owners.
  • You are looking to learn something new.
  • You enjoy contributing to other’s success by sharing your own insights.


The #SmallBiz Live Chat Schedule

(Always on a Friday at 2pm Central Standard Time)

  • March 31, 2017: Email Marketing and Lead Generation. How are you getting people on your email list and keeping them on your list?
  • April 21, 2017: Business Blog Writing. What is your strategy for writing blog posts or articles? Is this content providing any value to your potential customers?
  • May 19, 2017: Social Media Content. What’s working? Let’s talk about how to figure out what good social media content is and how you can come up with it.
  • June 23, 2017: What’s Your Story? How do you share the story of who you are and what your business provides? This is key to creating a sales pitch and gaining trust from your leads.


Get Updates on Upcoming Live Chats

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