Your Blog and Email Newsletter are a Powerful Team

Do you blog?

Your blog is an important marketing tool. It’s something you should take good care of and manage well because it represents you, your business, and anyone associated with the business.

Those who meet me in person find me to be either charming … or annoying.  I’m not proud of that dichotomy, but there’s a reason for it. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and flustered in crowds, and so I say some really weird things that are totally not a representation of who I am in the world. Call it a nervous tick, if you like.

On paper (or screens in this case), I’m great. Writing my thoughts down has always provided me an opportunity to edit – not because I need to adjust my thoughts, but to take a moment for clarity of ideas. Going back through reading things to confirm the words properly reflect my thoughts is key for me.

I love to write. You could give me practically any topic and I can write about it for you – and enjoy it. First I need to research the topic if it is outside my scope of knowledge; but after doing a couple hours of reading , I can usually sum up key ideas, takeaways, lessons learned, or other insights. That is all a blog post is really – the sharing of knowledge about a topic that you know well.


Do you have an email newsletter?

If you are blogging but do not have an email newsletter through which to share your blog, then how are people finding your blog posts? You may have incredible SEO skills and a huge social media following, but it means very little if you have no email list. Before you bounce away from this page, let me explain myself a little better.

Are you in business to give away information and make no money?  I didn’t think so.  Social media platforms are like rented space – you don’t own your page or account. At any point, the social media platform owner can decide you are a spammer or fraudulent or something else and shut down your account. All of those beloved contacts would be gone.

If your blog is a valuable resource for attracting prospective customers / clients, then consider how it is used as a sales tool. The simplest way to leverage your blog content is by inviting people to get those blog posts sent to their email inbox on a regular basis. If they DO join your marvelous and exclusive email list, they will also receive bonus material that no one else is getting.


Blog + Email Newsletter = Lead Generator

Alone, your blog is a cool resource that people may stumble upon or use to validate your expertise. An email newsletter can be tedious to manage if you do not have some recurring content that’s naturally coming from your voice. When you bring these two resources together, they form a very logical and powerful lead generator.

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Where Do I Start with My Blog and Email Newsletter?

I’d suggest starting simple. Write one blog post per month – something juicy and useful for your audience. If you read through the post and think to yourself, “this is really useful information,” then you have written a good post. Do not fall into the parroting competitors trap. You will not be offering any value to your audience if the content does not come from your own brain and heart.

Add some opt-in forms to your website for people to join your email list (see this previous post for opt-in form pointers). Personally, I like having the opt-in form live in the right side bar. That way it is always there on every blog post page. You may also want to include a call to action within the body of the blog itself to announce that you will be offering this wonderful newsletter and the value you will bring.

You may want to send a personal email to your existing customers / clients asking them if it’s okay for you to opt them in as a benefit of working with you. This way, you’ll have a starting place with your list. If you are new to business and don’t have any customers yet, then consider sending a similar email to anyone who has been supporting you with launching your business – the people who want to see you succeed.

Once a month, send an email newsletter out to your list. You can lay out the newsletter any way that you like, but make sure to include the most recent blog post and something extra. That something extra could be a personal note from you with an additional “insiders tip” or an invitation to an event – anything that adds value.


If you’re already doing this, then please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about what you’re up to with your blog and email newsletter. What is working and what isn’t?

By the way, did you know that I have a monthly email newsletter?

It’s true. It is a free resource that I send to you once a month with the most recent blog posts, event invitations, and further insights that are not publicly shared.

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